GOP Lawmakers Bring Legislation to Make Dismemberment and Corpse Concealment a Felony in Wake of Suffolk County Case

March 13, 2024

Rockland News

Courtesy of WRCR.

A Republican Rockland state lawmaker has joined with three other GOP colleagues in the Assembly and Senate to make the crime of “body dismemberment and concealment of a human corpse” a bail-eligible, class-E felony. It would also strengthen the use of electronic location monitoring. This in response to the horrific case out on Long Island in which body parts from two people were found in various locations. Four people have been charged in the case but were released because the charges are not currently bail-eligible. At a press conference in Albany yesterday, Rockland State Assemblyman John McGowan of the 97th district, covering Orangetown and portions of Ramapo, himself a former prosecutor, said New York hasn’t been safer with the new bail reform rules currently in place…

At a press conference last week to announce new security measures for the city’s subway system, Governor Kathy Hochul said judges already have new discretionary powers, established by last year’s budget, and they can, and should, be using them in extreme cases…

The remains of a 53-year-old man and 59-year-old woman from Yonkers were scattered in Suffolk County. Three of the four suspects – 44 year-old Steven Brown, 38 year-old Jeffrey Mackey, 40 year-old Amanda Wallace – are all from Amityville. The fourth suspect, 33 year-old Alexis Nieves, is reportedly homeless. They’ve been charged with first-degree hindering prosecution, tampering with physical evidence, and concealment of a human corpse.