NYS Lawmakers Announce Bills to Bolster Fire Safety in Rockland County

March 18, 2024

Rockland Daily

On Friday, Rockland County’s New York State lawmakers announced new bipartisan efforts to get several New York State bills passed in Albany that prioritize fire safety in Rockland County.

“Fire safety is a top issue in our county, and we are committed to working together to address it,” Senator Bill Weber shared. “This package of bipartisan legislation is part of our ongoing effort to ensure the safety of Rockland County residents and first responders. We owe them nothing less, and I am happy to be a part of this countywide effort.”

Participants at the press conference included New York State Senators Bill Weber and Pete Harckham, Fire and Emergency Services Director Chris Kear, County Attorney Thomas Humbach, Rockland County Executive Ed Day, New York State Assembly Members John McGowan, Chris Eachus, Karl Brabenec and Ken Zebrowski.

“The equal distribution of fire safety materials across the state is of the utmost importance, and I am proud to emphatically voice my support for this package,” Assemblyman Karl Brabenec said. “Nearly all New York State firefighter departments are staffed by volunteers exclusively, and they perform valiant work for their communities. It behooves us all to continue supporting them as they continue to serve us.”